Our aim at Orange House is to produce films through modest financial investments that will give us the best opportunity to appreciate the greatest returns.

This is not unproven, and we are following in the footsteps of great successes. Some examples include Rocky, Billy Jack, Easy Rider, Clerks, and The Blair Witch Project, to name a few. The Republic has the potential to join this list.

At Orange House we adhere to a five point plan to produce financially successful films:

  1. Tell a story that’s relevant to tomorrow’s audience. The Republic does this.
  2. Create a product – on paper – that follows proper design as put forth by Aristotle and others. We would be happy to discuss this further.
  3. Create the product from the design. We have over 20 years experience in all facets of film making.
  4. Host our product on readily available streaming platforms for self-distribution.
  5. Engage our audience through a tailored and targeted market plan. This is essential for successful distribution.