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  • The Ending

    The Ending

    The Ending is arguably the most important scene in a film/story.   It is when the filmmaker/writer/creator states what it is they are really saying – it is when they prove their Premise/Controlling Idea/Main Theme.   The ending can lift a mediocre film into the stratosphere or delegate what was great entertainment onto the heap of mediocrity. I…

  • The Existential Dilemma

    The Existential Dilemma

    An essential scene in all story design where the ‘hero’ comes up against an outside force that shakes the very foundation of his/her/their journey. After analyzing the ‘new situation’ the hero will quit (not an option) or double down the effort to complete the Journey. It will take a new approach and/or a new outlook…

  • The Premise

    The Premise

    Eventually, with absolute certainty, you need to know your Premise! It can go by the name Controlling Idea (Robert Mckee), Main Theme or Premise (Laois Egri). Premise is not to be confused with concept. Premise is a value plus charge to prove an idea/argument. To reiterate, eventually you must be able to state a well-defined…