The Existential Dilemma

An essential scene in all story design where the ‘hero’ comes up against an outside force that shakes the very foundation of his/her/their journey.

After analyzing the ‘new situation’ the hero will quit (not an option) or double down the effort to complete the Journey. It will take a new approach and/or a new outlook to carry on, and will require great effort on the part of our hero.

The scene is essential for good story design, as it endears the hero to the audience.

It works to endear because the audience recognizes themselves in the hero, in that, everyone has had this happen to them at least once in their own lives (often more that once), whereby life holds up obstacles that are seemingly so great we doubt our ability to move forward – but we do.

This imitation of life creates familiarity between audience and hero and is an essential building block in the great story design.